Joe's Crab Shack


We've been curious about this chain for awhile--we'd heard good things about it but dismissed them out of hand since it's a chain and we live near the beach.

What we had:

I had an 18-piece shrimp bucket seasoned with Old Bay. I was craving slightly-overcooked shrimp, and this hit the spot. Peel & eat yummy goodness.

My DH had the Snow Crab bucket. As much as I hate to admit it, the crab beat my Publix brand frozen crab hands-down. The crab was succulent, not too sopping wet, and tasted great. The corn side was rubbery and had been sitting out way too long--the new potatoes were okay.


Junk shop explosion. Boats, sharks, crab, you name it--hanging from the ceiling, on the walls, on the tables, etc.


Overall impressions:

This place is pretty good. The prices aren't bad, the quality is pretty decent.. not bad. I've heard it's a really raucous place at night--I think the waitstaff sings or dances--and the drink menu looks good.

Company website; what Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders