China Palace

Locked up tight when not open Chinese on Biscayne in MiMo. I've walked past this place many times, and it smells great when walking past.

What we had:

Sechuan pork and kung po chicken. Both dishes were really salty with unnaturally-thickened sauces. The pork and chicken were both cooked well and the balance of veggies to meat on the plate was roughly 50/50.


Someone took great pains to make this place special a long time ago, then proceeded to paint the walls (badly) yearly and indulge an addiction to cheap table decor.

And with the cloying stench of air freshener, it smelled like the potty.


A grandmotherly woman waited on us with efficient service.

Overall impressions:

I wanted to love this place. It smells so good from the street, and it's generally busy looking when open. I wouldn't go back. The inside smell and salt level just killed it for me.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders