T-Mex Cantina

Tex-Mex bar in the downtown Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk. The menu has a variety of burritos (regular and loco size), tacos, nachos, burgers and other bar food and was written by a drunk Spanglish speaker. Chicken was referred to in one burrito as both chicken and pollo; not sure what they think the difference is... maybe pork? Pretty much all iterations come with a shrimp or fish option, but surprising little pork on the menu.

What we had:

I had the shredded chicken burrito and my DH had the ground beef burrito. Both were edible, but way too watery and boring to be called good. We ordered hot, and it wasn't at all spicy.


Bras & beer signs on the ceiling.


Typical bar service.

Overall impressions:

We were starving, so no complaints about not dying of starvation, but it's not a place I would willingly visit again if even a little sober. Maybe if I turn into a Girl Gone Wild when I grow up. Or learn how to do a keg stand.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders

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