Baires Grill

Baires Grill is an Argentinian steak house/grill on Lincoln Road (right next to the Colony Theater). We stopped in on a whim--we were in the area to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and that was the closest dinner spot to the theater.

What we had:

I had the Grilled Milanese Baires (beef). In a stroke of adventurousness, I ordered this dish blind. The only description on the menu was the name and that it was topped with arugula and tomatoes. Apparently, Milanese style is code for chicken-fried. What arrived was 2 breaded and grilled super-thin paillards of possible beef covered in arugula and chopped hot house tomatoes. This dish was really dry. Like so dry, it took all my willpower to not succumb to the intense desire (near compulsion) to douse the whole thing with the table olive oil. Really, the only thing holding me back was the calorie count and the desire to have popcorn with the movie. I compromised, and choked down half dry and half with a little chimichurri. The breasting had a nice taste, which was good, because the possible beef had none at all. I had a baked potato as my side, which was also bone dry and powdery, even with 2oz. Of flavored sour cream.

My DH had the Skirt Steak, which was flame-grilled and so tender it was buttery. His ultra-creamy, super-buttery mashed potatoes were great, too.

The table bread was nice--ciabatta-style wheat with caraway seeds and French-style white.


Steak house dark woods with enough white linen and sunlight to make the space feel open and airy despite it's shoebox size.


Decent for Lincoln Road, complete with a hostess wearing a dress so short it was probably a blessing she had a rather flat ass.

Overall impressions:

Not bad. The steak was superb, though I wouldn't recommend the Sahara-like Milanese to anyone.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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Mono said...

I frequently read your blog and I agree wiyh you and your reviews; however, this time I must disagree. I had lunch and dinner several times at Baires Grill. I had the grilled Milanese you have reviewed so many times that I can't remember and that's how argentineans make it: fried and dry. As a frequent Baires Grill customer, I feel that this time, your review is wrong just because you may don't know how this dish is prepared (BTW the "Milanesa" in all its variants is more popular whitin argentineans than the "parrillada" itself).
I am happy to read that the rest of your meal was ok though.
BTW, Baires Grill is located by the Regal cinema theaters, not the Colony theater.