Sakaya Kitchen


Fast-ish casual gourmet Asian bistro with Korean flair in the Design District's mega Target complex.

On the go: Dim Ssam A Gogo food truck. Review:

What we had:

"Dae Ji" spicy pork tenderloin with buttered organic cauliflower and coconut rice -- I absolutely loved the rice; sticky, hearty and mildly sweet, it was exactly what I was craving and a dish need to perfect at home. The pork was beyond fork tender, but a little too sweet and heavily spiced for my taste; and the cauliflower was buttery and clean. The components of this dish worked well together and apart. Eaten together, the rice tempered the pork nicely.

Pork bao (bun) with 8-hour pork and sweet chili-- nice buns. They needed a hit of vinegar or heat to give some depth and put them over the top (better than Gigi's), but a solid, soft and pillowy bun nonetheless.

Spicy tater tots -- so-so. These were much better from the food truck covered in cheese and short rib bits.


Kitschy and visually crowded; small dining space, chalkboard walls.


Order at the front with table delivery.

Overall impressions:

Not bad. For modern Asian-inspired joints in the 'hood, I think Gigi is a bit better--the tastes are cleaner, more refined, and feel a bit lighter on the palate--but so does other Asian cuisines vs. Korean.


3.75 out of 5 salamanders

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