100% Natural Restaurant


"Mexican" health-ish food, though I'm skeptical about the 100% natural part. I'm thinking their definition of "natural" might be pretty liberal.

What we had:

Pretty bland but still okay chicken crispy tacos and (for the second time in as many days) not what I ordered--I ordered chicken & beef tacos with cactus and got beef & 16 tons of onion tacos. The beef was nice, but it was way overpriced for what we got.


Lots of that lime/avocado-ish green that seems to be synonymous with "health" lately. And a fake palapa over the counter.

Okay, though the order was messed up.

Overall impressions:

I was excited to see somewhere that was somewhat healthy at the mall (Dolphin Mall). Most dishes did seem to at least not go for the stereotypical US cheese-laden Mexican dishes, offering instead more Southern Mexican-style choices. Tons of sandwiches, too.

No company website; what Google says


2.5 out of 5 salamanders (bland, but better than the food court)