Cancun-Something Mexican Joint on Harrison @ the Circle in Hollywood


Can you tell I was underwhelmed? This is 1 of 2 "Mexican" places listed on the map @ the big circle in Hollywood. The other is Ginger Bay.

What we had:

I don't remember the name of what I had, but it was supposedly-spicy beef with fajita fixins and a whole 2 flour tortillas.

My DH might have had a chimichanga, though it tasted exactly like a burrito.


Odd mix of big screen TVs, glow in the dark murals, a stage, and the obligatory Cinco de Mayo beer posters.


We were excited the meat portions of our entrees came out right.

Overall impressions:

Have they been to Cancun? Does Cancun-style food mean something else in the U.S.? Did I miss a memo? Almost everything on the menu is buried in cheese sauce and there's nary a black bean in sight. Most menu items come swimming in either a mole-ish sauce or some other "red" sauce as well. This place was not great. Not great at all. Not even a good drunken greasy spoon place, and I <3 White Castle.

I'm not even going into what anyone says, since I can't remember the name.


1.5 out of 5 salamanders