Prezzo Martini Bar and Grill


The goal for the evening was to have cocktails. Preferably, to walk to said cocktails. We started out with Justin's in mind (I had read somewhere that Justin's was a friendly neighborhood bar & possibly grill), got to the door, and had to turn right back around--no sneakers allowed. We live on the other side of the lake. There is no freakin way I'm walking that far in heels. Just. Not. Happening. I'd rather drink sensibly elsewhere. So, after deliberation we decided to give "that martini-ish possible jazz place in Loehman's" a try.

What we had:

We both opted for drinks off the 'tini menu--I had the $14 nightly special--something supposedly featuring pomegranite juice, vodka and orange. I tasted the vodka, and the orange. There was coloring as if from something pomegranite-ish, but I didn't taste it. Possibly it was the ripped-off feeling getting in the way.

My DH had an alcoholic Shirley Temple tini thing. Same price. Vodka, grenadine, and possibly a hint of something else. I didn't care for his at all. I thought it was sickly sweet and tasted of lighter fluid.

We wanted tapas, so we settled for a combo appetizer for two--the Mediterranean Platter. Hummus (nicely seasoned), Babaganush (possibly the best-spiced I've ever tasted), Tazksiki, Sauteed Manouri Cheese, Roasted Mushroom, Roasted Pepper, Spinach Pies, Grape Leaves, Giant Beans, Olives, Pita Bread.

We were also served a basket of fresh mini-breads with my favorite topping in the world--roasted garlic. Needless to say, I was in bread heaven.


The outside dining is nice. From what I saw of the inside, it's rather dark.


I think we had a waiter and waiter-in-training. Three or four people brought us things during the "meal" and the service was prompt.

Overall impressions:

Prezzo was not quite what we had in mind for the evening. We set out for relaxed and un-pretentious, what we got was a place with a high-end of mid price range (our appetizer was $30, most were in the mid-teens) that participates in Miami Spice. Our appetizer was quite enough food for the two of us for dinner, just not what we were expecting.

Company website; what Google says


3.5 out of 5 salamanders--I reserve a full vote until we go back for dinner, though that Babaganush was really really good, and I'm a total sucker for roasted garlic.


F said...

Sounds like an interesting restaurant, I wonder if it has anything to do with my local Prezzo London? The food doesn't sound too far off.