Bourbon Steak


Upscale classic-with-a-twist steakhouse in Aventura. James Beard award-winning chef Michael Mina is the founder and CEO.

What we had:

Table Starters:
Duck-fat fries three ways: Herb and garlic, spicy and a smoky spicy with roasted garlic aioli, a spicy ketchup, and a sweet/sou ketchup. The fries were freakin fantabulous.

Fresh, light, well-seasoned foccacia served in a copper pan.

Crab Louie Lettuce Cups--crab and avocado with sriracha vinaigrette. A nice, light crab amuse bouche with a really nice sriracha vinaigrette. The avocado didn't really come through, but the appetizer was good nonetheless.

10-oz. filet mignon--spot-on and cooked perfectly.
8-oz. American "Kobe" filet mignon--We expected a Kobe filet to be good, but half-expected it to be yet another overrated "foodie" ingredient. We were wrong. Regular filet can't hold a candle to American Kobe. It's a beef orgasm in every bite. The meat was so tender I could separate individual muscle fibers with my tongue. Holy crap this was good.

Truffled mac & cheese. Tasty, tasty truffled mac & cheese.

Key lime pie martini--Stoli Vani, Hangar One Kaffir Lime, Licor 43, Fresh Lime & Cream
This was a nice cocktail. Not too aggressive of a vodka or cream taste with a nice lime finish.

Vodka martini with a twist--Grey goose as always. My DH said it was good, though I harbor my doubts that it tasted like lighter fluid. He enjoyed it though.


Rich grainy woods, low light, comfortable champaigne velvet couches, interesting mirrors, really cool wine displays. This place would be perfect to take a birthday girl (like me), for an anniversary dinner, to make a good impression on clients, etc. Nice steakhouse feel without being old-fashioned or too "gentlemen's club."


I had seen bad reviews of the service online, and had no problems at all. Our waiter had a good balance of interested and unobtrusive, and the other waiters bustled around clearing dishes, refilling water, etc. without detracting from the dinner experience.

Overall impressions:

We are in love. We heart American Kobe, and I'm very glad we chose this place for my birthday. There isn't much that makes me happier than a slab of rare beef. This place did not disappoint, and we need an excuse to go back.

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5 out of 5 salamanders