Moonchine Asian Bistro


Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese Bistro in MiMo

What we had:

My DH had the Pad Thai with Chicken--This is our favorite Pad Thai so far in Miami. A nice blend of spicy/sweet/sour with a good toppings-to-noodle ratio.

I had the 16-piece nigiri sushi plate--crab, eel, egg, hamachi, snapper, tuna & salmon. The rice pillows were nice and tight and the seafood was very fresh tasting.


It's like eating in the middle of a Vanity Fair shoot or an upscale low-key nightclub. I'm totally in love with the red dot theme, and the blend of tufted leather (ettes) on the booths with shiny tiles and great low-key lighting lent a really nice vibe to dinner. There is also a nice patio out back that begs for cocktails.


Not bad, though the sushi guy was s-l-o-w.

Overall impressions:

Pretty darn great. We will definitely have to go back for the sushi rolls and another noodle dish.

What Google says; The company website may be, though I got one of those "reported attack site. Let us scan your computer" pages.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders