Big Squeeze

Fresh juice/smoothie/sandwich/chill spot in North Miami Beach

What we had:

I had the snapper wrap with a fresh lemonaide. The snapper was plentiful, well cooked and fresh. The lemonaide was really good as well.

My DH had an open-faced southwest chicken pita, which was also really tasty.

Be sure to get the sauce array as well--a chipotle mayo, jalapeño purée and light tahini sauce--each is fresh and has good depth of flavor.


Bright, open and fun with free Wi-Fi.


Confused and disorganized. The employees seemed more interested in placing their karaoke orders than taking responsibility for our table.

Overall impressions:

Despite the service, we will definitely be back. There are a multitude of fresh, light sandwiches and salads I'm excited about trying, and it would take a year or so to get through all of the beverage options.

Overall, a great place to spend the early afternoon-after.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders