Cocoa Reef Tiki Bar and Grill

I was at Sawgrass this weekend, and since it's sweltering already, in the mood for seafood. I had planned on eating at
Legal seafood for lunch--I had even started my post in it--but sometime over the last 2 months, legal seafood shut down. So, we ate at the next closest place--Cocoa Beach Tiki Bar and Grill.

Here was my opener for Legal Seafood:

It's definitely better than illegal seafood. Every time I See that name, I think of large fishermen in dirty tan trenchcosts hoiking punk-rock barroom brawler fish with missing eye patches, gnarled fins and peg legs out the back onto a steamer. It makes me giggle inside.

What we had:

I had the Argentinean steak sandwich--flat steak, cooked to a perfect rare with good seasoning on a crusty baguette with tomato and lettuce. I was quite impressed. It's hard to get rare steak on a sandwich, and this was well-trimmed and delightful. I had thought a little chimmichurri would be nice, but the steak was plenty juicy on it's own.

The fries were under-cooked and greasy.

My DH had the chicken quesadilla, which he said was bland, typical bar food. He had hoped for Applebees level, but this didn't make that cut.


Outdoor bar-style.


Not bad. A lot of 'sweetie's.'

Overall impressions:

I'd go back, and next time, I'm bringing my I.D. This place has 13 varieties of frozen cocktails, and 1 with no rum or tequilla. Fair prices,too--$10 for sandwiches, $6.50 for frozen drinks and $7.50 & $8.00 cocktails.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders