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I made reservations to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary through Open Table and requested that we be sat overlooking the sunset and mentioned the reason.

The management and staff went out of their way to make the experience a memorable one. We were the first table to be sat upstairs overlooking the water and were promptly ushered to the optimal sunset seat. The maitre d' left us with a handwritten congratulatory card and at the end of the meal we were treated to a free dessert.

What we had:

We started with cocktails-my apple-tini tasted like medicine, but my DH enjoyed his dirty martini.

We had the calamari appetizer, which was fresh, perfectly fried an well seasoned.

The table bread was house-made and came out in a little pan.

I had the chef's cut prime rib--over 1 pound of the most succulent bone-in prime rib I have ever had (at a restaurant). Holy crap this was awesome. Unfortunately, I was wearing a nice dress, so I ended stuffing my face so much I was in pain by the end of the meal, and had to leave about 2 ounces behind. I know, I know... I'm still hanging my head in shame, but I was in real danger of explosion. We're talking past the food baby point.

My DH had a big honkin bone-in ribeye, and it was also fan-freakin-tabulous.

For sides, we had the truffle mac & cheese and the asparagus. The truffle mac was pretty good but a littly grainy. Bourbon steak's was miles better. My asparagus is much better than this was. It wasn't bad; it was asparagus afterall; but nothing was done to it but blanching. The bernaise sauce was good.

So, after eatibg ourselves into a beef-fueled stupor, a free chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and a fresh raspberry coulis came out. What did we do? We finished it.

We needed coffee after this, so we stayed around for our aperitif.


I think it was nice; the sunset, cruise ships and people on an evening stroll were.


Old school older men in S&W jackets. Good service; attentive without being obtrusive.

The silverware was impressive--sterling made special for the restaurant.

Overall impressions:

A good old-school steakhouse that seems to take care in nurturing repeat business. We would go again.


4 out of 5 salamanders

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Bliss said...

I love that place... before I moved to NC I went 2 Sundays a month for late lunch. Its awesome. I would try the lobster cocktail the next time.