Tropical Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurant with dim sum across from Tropical Park.

What we had:

We went for Dim Sum and ended up with a delictible array of soft steamed pillows and golden fried dumplingy goodness. We had:

Steamed shrimp tucked into the softest rice noodle sheets
possible with a nice light sauce

Heavenly tender smoked pork with a generous pink ring

Fried shell-on shrimp that was nicely flavored and fried well enough to eat shell-on, but not so much that the shrimp is rubbery

Tasty steamed pork shu mai

Soft steamed pork & mushroom dumplings

Steamed dumplings stuffed full of tasty bok choi

Shrimp fried sticky rice, which had a spice we weren't huge fansof

Crazy good sweet & sour chicken

Egg rolls


Decent, if generic, with an added window into the kitchen.


Chinese ladies serving Dim Sum aren't kidding around. They shuttle you in, and the first cart promptly appears beside the table. I love the bustle of dim sum.

You're getting more than enough to feed your party and you're getting what the Chinese ladies think you should have. No argument; just sit back and let them have their way.

Overall impressions:

I forgot just how great dim sum is, and didn't realize just how much I've missed it. I can't wait to go back.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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