El Scorpion

Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Upscale Mexican restaurant & bar in South Beach.

What we had:

My DH and I both had the triple taco plates. He had the carne asada, pork confit & bacon tacos; I had the BBQ tilapia, chorizo & al pastor tacos.

The carne asada & pork confit tacos were simple, well-seasoned and our favorites of the bunch.

The bacon was interesting--deeply smoky well-cooked slivers of thick cut bacon with creme fraiche. We both thought the taste combination was something interesting and new.

The BBQ tilapia wasn't bad for tilapia--I'm not impressed with the fish, but the taco wasn't bad. I would have liked 3x more slaw, though.

The chorizo was smoky & good, albeit a bit greasy.

The al pastor taco was sweet with really nice chunks of pork.

Both plates came with decent Mexican-style rice & fresh pinto beans.

The table chips, salsa & guacamole were fresh and good.


Nice decor in dark woods & shades of red. I almost wish I could tolerate tequila--this place has a huge selection (120 varieties) and a more than amply stocked bar.


Good. Friendly & very attentive.

Overall impressions:

We would go back. I'm dying to try one of the many varieties of guacamole served in a molcahete (sp?) and the bar bites.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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