Cadillac Ranch American Bar & Grill

Really super-upbeat upscale sports bar with a big-ass mechanical bull & the perfect pit for watching sports on the big screen.

Located in the new Villages @ Gulfstream shopping-plex.

What we had:

Most dinner items come served over a Demi glaze-WTF is a "Demi glaze"? Basically, it's slightly under-seasoned gravy.

I had the NY Strip & my DH had the filet. The steak was entirely decent. Better than Outback, and only slightly more expensive at $24/$27. The gravy wasn't terrible--I would have rather had more steak seasoning with a nicely-herbed au jus, bit it wasn't unpleasant. The mashed potatoes were creamy, buttery, and came from real potatoes. Yum. I missed something green--slack green garnish with 2 little tomato chunks doesn't count.

I also had an overpriced pear-tini with fresh pears and cheap vodka. For $12, I'd like something better than Smirnoff.


Pretty cool with lots of red & blue lighting and guitars & such on the walls. Did I mention the huge mechanical bull? The multiple outside seating areas have fire pits, comfy lounge seating and the place has at least 4 bars. In the main dining room is a sunken pit with a jumbotron that would make an awesome spot to catch a game.


Okay. The bar was a bit slow.

Overall impressions:

Kind of frantically upbeat, but not a bad time for a sports bar. I'd love to hit up one of the fire pits or possibly the sports grotto.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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