Wahoo's At Whale Harbor

Big-ass seafood and boat dock complex in Islamorada.

What we had:

I had the grilled mahi sandwich--although my fish was burnt, the non-burnt parts tasted nice and the fillet hadn't dried out too much. The bun was kinda wimpy (just a generic grocery store burger bun) and there was no dressing on the sandwich. Ok, now that I'm spelling it out, this wasn't a great sandwich, but I was starving and it was chilly on the deck, so I wanted to choke it down and get out of there.

My DH had a burger, which he seemed to enjoy.

We took the NY escapee, and she liked her chicken ceasar salad and loved her cheese fries (whale fries on the menu).


We sat on the back deck overlooking the boats. It was kinda windy & cold in the shade that day, and I was already aggravated.



Overall impressions:

This place is huge. Wahoo's itself is pretty large, with a good sized deck and a separate connector walkway/bar/seating area leading to the (2 stall only!!) bathroom. On the other end of the connector is a seafood buffet. Looks like a racuous place to grab a beer, but i'm not sure if i would like to stay long enough to pee. The food was serviceable but not special.


3 out of 5 salamanders