DiLido Beach Club

Ok, I must admit I was originally excited to check this place out because the Executive Chef is Jeff McInnis from Top Chef Season 5. I loved his "creative monkeys" and how spastic he was in the kitchen. I figure the Ritz Carlton isn't going to put out crap, and if its overpriced, so be it.

One of my girl friends from college was in town (escaping snowmageddon in NY) and her must-dos included some sort of fruity alcoholic beverage on the beach, preferably with an umbrella. DiLido seemed like a natural fit.

What we had:

I had the lamb gyro flatbread--thin-sliced succulent lamb with a refreshing pickled mango salsa and light smear of raita topped with micro greens and fuschia flowers. This was a great dish and the perfect size and lightness for somewhere that overlooks the beach. And, at $14, not a bad price either, considering the atmosphere.

My DH had the lamb sliders with sweet potato fries--Also pretty great. The sweet potato fries were so good we had to get a plate for the table.

My girl had the chicken "under a brick" flatbread--crispy, juicy lemon chicken with an artichoke mousse-y, creamy base topped with micro greens and fuschia flowers. This was surprisingly good. I was worried--it was the most boring looking thing on the menu--but it was really succulent and the crispiness was a great touch.

We also had beverages. High-priced ($17) beverages. My girl & I had the Blue Basil (top shelf vodka, muddled blueberries, lemon & basil). A good drink, if a bit stiff for my tastes, though at $17 a glass it had better be. I left with a good buzz and didn't even finish my vodka-soaked blueberries.

My DH had the Lemon Verbena-Tini (citrus vodka, white grape, lemon verbena & orange blossom). He really enjoyed it and in the sip I had, the lemon verbena gave a great herby taste.

No umbrellas to be found.


Very relaxing. This place is all outdoor seating under umbrellas, so be sure to check the weather--The restaurant is not open if it is raining. The view of South Beach was nice, and just what was needed.


Not bad. Its the Ritz Carlton, afterall.

Overall impressions:

A good relaxing place for a light bite or a heavy cocktail. I would love to go back on a Thursday or Friday night to check out the hookahs.


4 out of 5 salamanders