Gourmet Station

This place is kind of an odd duck. The sign says its a gourmet-to-go catering service that targets people who want fresh food without cooking. The hours are weird, though. I'm not 100% on what the hours actually are, since it seems like they are closed 7x out of 10 when we pass by. On this day, they were open for lunch.

What we had:

I had the portobello salad--a romaine salad with sliced portobello, mandarin orange segments, some other stuff I can't remember and balsamic dressing.

My escapee-from-snowmageddon friend had a steak sandwich.

Now, I know my concept of "gourmet" differs from that of the average joe on the street, but this was not gourmet. I think the bare minimum to garner the title of gourmet for your salad is mescalun greens. And that's just a bare minimum. Portobello does not a gourmet make.

The steak in the sandwich was cooked nicely, so that was a plus. But, my girl ended up peeling off about half of the cheese slices (I'm not sure what the cheese was--it was white with no holes and didn't look like muenster or the like. Kinda looked on the white american side, but I sincerely hope that it wasn't. she didn't know and I was trying to "behave" that 5 minute period).


Minimal with quotes on a chalkboard wall.



Overall impressions:

I don't know that I would ever go back. The salad was only $8 or $9, but I was starving again half an hour later. My girl enjoyed her sandwich.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders