Bulldog Barbecue

Contemporary BBQ joint owned/operated by a Top Chef contestant. I forget which one or from which season, but Bon Apetit sounded impressed in the BBQ issue.

What we had:

My DH and I both had the sliders--1 order of pulled pork with chipotle fries, and 1 order of brisket with sweet potato fries.

Disclaimer: We are from NC, the epicenter of all things yummy and piglike in the US. People come to blows over the definition of BBQ in NC. Sure, you can call roasted pork or roasted pork slathered with dressed-up ketchup BBQ, but nothing fits the bill like some good ole pit-cooked Eastern Carolina-style pig.

Having gotten that out of my system, this wasn't bad. Not Carolina style, but not an abomination. It did however, send my DH into diatribe about what is right and proper in BBQ--in essence, tomato alters the true taste of the pig, and all good BBQ is pit-cooked. The fabled pink smoke ring is just not optional.

We thought the chef was trying a bit too hard with the sauce on the pulled pork. The brisket however, was succulent and pretty great. I would go back for a full plate of brisket. Not sure I'd get the sliders again--the bun was grocery store quality.

The menu said the slaw was Carolina style--whatever that means beyond a name to lend credence. In reality, it tasted just like KFC slaw with pepper added. That's not to say the slaw was bad. I happen to like KFC's slaw.

The cornbread was good; it tasted exactly like Jiffy.

The sweet potato fries we're great. So great, DH kept stealing mine. The Chipotle fries were pretty, but lacking any real spice or smoke and only about half got eaten.


Modern & clean, with reds, creams & black.


Not bad.

Overall impressions:

A bit over-reaching, but not bad.


3 out of 5 salamanders