Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

"Gourmet" fast sub chain.

What we had:

My DH and I were both starving and on our last legs the day we ended up at Jimmy John's. Like so starving, my usual quick chow time was whittled down to barely chewing as I wolfed my sandwich down. So, I don't remember much of the taste.

I do remember we both got the #8 sub. The menu touts the sandwiches as gourmet, but the selections are far from it. Gourmet in the sense that the quality is better than Subway, certainly; but that's not a high bar to vault. The most "fancy" sandwich item on the menu is avocado.

The bread is also touted as being French, but its not even close. Again, better than Subway.

I don't remember what was in the sandwich, only that it was really salty.


Catchy slogans on tailor made tin signs made to emulate kitchy and coolness. They came off amusing at first, then overwhelming creeping over into annoying territory. The sign with the German guy sitting down and peeing across the room in the men's bathroom was amusing though, as were the signs forcefully proclaiming the Frenchness of the bread and the rules of the house.


Order at the front; the sandwiches come out fast.

Overall impressions:

Edible, certainly and I didn't feel like I had just eaten a meal full of pasteurized, preprocessed and pumped full of chemicals ingredients.


2.5 out of 5 salamanders

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