Gigi Now

Open late Asian-influenced noodle bar/tapas joint in Midtown, helmed by Top Chef contestant Jeff McInnis & a prolific restauranteur team.

What we had:

We split an order of Pork Gigi Buns--These buns had explosive flavor, with tender and nuanced pork on soft, pillowy buns. Each order comes with two buns; I could have eaten twice that amount easily by myself.

I had the Caribbean Shrimp Pad Thai--I'm not sure what was Caribbean about the dish, but it did have some nice smoke from the wok, and a great balance of flavors. It was however, a bit heavy toward the bottom. I ate it down to the last drop, but the last quarter or so was on the greasy side.

My DH had the Pork Ramen--between the pork bins and the Stella on tap, my DH's tastebuds picked his second bite in to blow out, so he really couldn't taste much at all. I tasted the dish, and found the shredded pork to be infused with Five Spice powder, the broth to be rich and meaty, and the noodles to be quite satisfying.

My DH had Stella Artois on tap, I had the sweet tea, and I swear the tea tasted like it had corn in it. Not an altogether unpleasant taste, but a bit alarming at first.


Looks a lot like home, with exposed concrete, floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of white subway tiles.


Not bad.

Overall impressions:

I would go back, especially for a late bite.


3.75 out of 5 salamanders

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