The Morgans Restaurant

Updated American homestyle comfort food served out of a cute 20s-style house on the Wynnwood art districts' doorstep.

What we had:

I had the meatloaf sandwich with a house salad--the sandwich was served open-faced on a nice crusty slice of toast. Though the menu listed smoky mashed potatoes as the side dish, I was asked what side I wanted and mash wasn't an option, so I chose a side salad. The salad was nice, with dark leafy greens, watermelon radish slices, cherry tomatoes and a nice light vinaigrette. The dinosaur-sized slab of meatloaf was decent, if a bit dry and dense in the center. The tomato glaze on the outside was pretty great. I missed the potatoes.

My DH had the twice-marinated pulled pork sandwich with fries. The pork was succulent and coated in a sweet but non-obtrusive BBQ sauce, and the sandwich was served on a nice bun. The fries were fries, but at least they were fresh.


We ate in the downstairs part, which was cute in it's spa-like whites and light woods; the music selection (classic rock) added to the unifying menu theme.



Overall impressions:

A cute little place, and so close...


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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