Lemon Fizz

Syrian-style (light like Lebonese) sandwiches with smoothies, hookahs at night, a big tv and Wi-Fi.

What we had:

I had a Falafel Saj, my DH had a honey-mustard chicken Saj. I was told by a Pakistani friend of mine once that you can really tell the quality of a middle-eastern restaurant by their Falafel. Seems like a good rule of thumb to me. The falafel here was perhaps the best I've ever had. If not the best, certainly tied with Neomonde Deli (Raleigh). The falafel was light, not fried to death, not greasy and not spiced to death, either. It was exactly what you don't expect; light, crispy, with a nuanced flavor. I could taste individual spices. Craziness! The Saj (flat bread... not a pita, more like a tortilla-ish foldy naan or lavash) was really good, too. They make it fresh to order. It takes a bit, but it is so worth it. The honey-mustard chicken was really good, too. Our Sajs (Sajes?) left us feeling satisfied but not bloated. We felt healthy. Like we were making a good choice. (I've already asked my DH if he's a pod person. I guess even he has to get tired of grease sometime).


Cute. I love the neo-retro plastic chairs. The color scheme (lime, sunkist, slate and cream) is fun, upbeat and snappy. This place looks healthy.


I really hope this isn't standard. We went on a Sunday afternoon, and the place was pretty dead. I'm thinking the guy that greeted us and made our lunch was one of the owners, and he mostly had nothing to do. I really hope it gets jammin at night or something. He was really warm and friendly, though. He checked to make sure we liked what we were having, and seemed to genuinely care if we liked the food. The service was great; I just hope it gets busier.

Overall impressions:

This place is really good. It's healthy, fresh, fast, and reasonably priced. And, they have Wi-Fi. I miss Wi-Fi. They have it freakin everywhere in Jax (even Denny's), and Raleigh, too. The menu isn't huge, but what they do have is good. I want to try more. And maybe a smoothie while I'm at it. I'm kind of proud of them for their menu, too. Being a middle-eastern sandwich shop, what's the first thing you think? The ubiquitous Gyro, of course. But no, not here. No Gyro (or shwarama) anywhere on the menu. Good going, guys. A menu like that makes a statement. We're different. I like it. And, it would be very easy to eat vegetarian here, which is a plus.

Maybe this place can restore our faith in the Miami New Times a bit, too. Bella Luna was their suggestion, too, and we all know how well that turned out.

I can't believe a place that has Wi-Fi doesn't have a website; What Google says


5 out of 5 salamanders