Paquitos Mexican Restaurant

Mmmmmm...... Mexican

What we had:

This place is fantabulous. Fan. Freakin. Tabulous. We ate here for the first time almost 2 weeks ago, and we liked it so much we took my sister in law when she came down to visit the next weekend. This was the first place we took her, it's that good. I've had the steak tacos (can't remember the name... it's on the page with the head section "Chipotle".. half way down the page, second from the left. The tacos had killer steak, a little pico, light cheese. The steak was great. The seasoning was spot-on. My DH had some sort of chicken burrito. The chicken was really great, too. And the beans. The beans! I'm pretty damn sure they didn't come from a can. I've never tasted pintos that taste... so... beany. The table salsa is even great. The second time we went, I had a combo plate. Maybe called Durango. I don't really remember what was on it except for a quesidilla, but I do remember I didn't want to stop eating it. The rice is even tolerable, and I can't stand "Mexican" rice. I can't remember what my DH had, but I know he really liked it. I'm excited to try the pork. The menu is even insane. They have everything. Even burgers. And some ginormous meat death on a plate thing. I can't remember the details, but it starts with 16 inches of steak, and ribs get involved somehow. I'm working my way up to it.


It's bright, I'll give it that. It's kind of like Mexico threw up. A little of everything. But, strangely, it works. My only real gripe is the padded tables with burro blankets and lace on top. The table padding makes the drinks a little unstable. I'm a klutz. I don't like having to worry about dumping my drink in the food I'm totally not relinquishing for anything. It makes me tense.


Par for a Mexican restaurant. In brightly-colored outfits.

Overall impressions:

Mmmmmm..... Mexican. My SIL put it best when she said "It's better than Ranchero." [El Ranchero (or Rancherito, whatever works) is hands-down the best Mexican in Raleigh. And that's saying something.] I need to try the pork. Or the fish. Or more steak. I need to try everything. And for those of you who like to live dangerously, their Tequila selection takes up a whole page.

Company website; What Google says
(No freakin way! They have a website! And... .Delivery!!!! is 10:00 pm too late to eat Mexican?)


5 out of 5 salamanders