Pollo Tropical

Newfangled Latin/Caribbean style fast food chicken joint.

What we had:

I still can't believe we've only been here twice. Pollo Tropical was actually the first place we ate in Miami. We both had the chicken fajitas. Someday I'll branch out. Someday. But the fajitas are so good. And so reasonably priced. I absolutely love the black beans & rice here. Yeah, I know, black beans. So generally unexciting. But these are good. And the rice is actually seasoned. I don't think I've ever had seasoned white rice at a restaurant. Maybe I should try more Caribbean places. The chicken at Pollo is cooked really well, and it's all really healthy since they grill the chicken. You can see them doing it. No frozen chicken-glue here (no chicken tenders, either).


Bright, happy, vaguely tropical in a kind of fast food way. The inside of both of the locations I've eaten at reminds me of Taco Bell, but in a good way.


It's fast food. So far, at least, the cashiers seem to have all the requisite chromosomes, so that's a plus.

Overall impressions:

We like Pollo. It's healthy, light-ish, really reasonably priced and quick.

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3 out of 5 salamanders