Bagel Cove Restaurant

Fresh bagel joint/deli/greasy spoon. The menu is huge, but most items are pretty much the same thing with slight variations. Lots of dishes catering to older people (chicken and something like 6 or 8 other varieties of cold gloopy salad), kosher dishes and pork products are both offered.

What we had:

I had a chicken sandwich with mushrooms, onions and cheese on a garlic bread hoagie roll. My DH had an open-faced roast beef sandwich covered in gravy. The food was decent. Not spectacular, but not bad. The fresh pickles were great.


I don't think they've had the time to think about changing it since the 70s.


The place was jam-packed, but the service was still decent. Our waitress had been there for a million years, and she wasn't bad at all. Friendly and helpful. We sat at the counter, and talked with one of the owners a bit. She could tell it was our first time there, and she helped as she could.

Overall impressions:

This place is always packed to the rafters every weekend when we drive by. I want to put an end to my 'finding the perfect diner' crusade; 75 pounds of meat per meal is making me feel like a space-blob. I'd like to go back and try a bagel. Maybe some breakfast. I don't think I'll be back for lunch. The menu needs vegetables.

No company website; What Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders