Louie's Brick Oven Pizza/ Whatever the New Name Is


New York style brick oven pizza for now. Pizza and a higher class of pasta on Thursday when the new menu debuts.

What we had:

Different pizza. :) We had meat lover's. Pepperoni (of course), applewood smoked bacon, meatballs & sausage. The pizza was good. This place has an obsession with burnt crust like Anthony's, but it doesn't have that charcoal taste, so it turned out being more pleasant. The cheese was good quality.


I hope it doesn't change much after the "unveiling." It felt a bit like NY. Exposed brick, directional light, NY Times newspaper ads & Old Blue Eyes' mugshot on the walls, the Godfather on the screen. Tin-style ceilings. The tables were nice quality wood, the booths were nice and high-backed black leather.


Better than average.

Overall impressions:

We will be back. Maybe even for Italian food.

Company website; What Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders