Bamboo Garden


Sit-down Chinese restaurant.

What we had:

I had the Shrimp Chow Fun, my DH had the Kung Pao Chicken. The Chow Fun was great; the wide noodles were just what I was craving. The shrimp wasn't cooked quite to death and had a pleasant wok taste. Not too salty, and the dish wasn't swimming in sauce. The Kung Pao Chicken was good as well. A nice mix of veggies and chicken. You could taste spice in the dish, but it was by no means hot. My DH swore the chicken tasted frozen and thawed multiple times, but in the 2 pieces of chicken I had I did not taste it. My DH had just gotten back from an international trip, so I'm blaming it on that. The meal came with fried wontons (fresh with a good duck sauce) and hot tea.


Not a total cliche. Huge koi in a tank against the wall, fresh lobster, white linen. Chinese-y without being garish. Wood paneling that actually looked more like flooring.


Not bad.

Overall impressions:

We will be back. I enjoyed what I had, and the menu is extensive. There are at least 5 more dishes I'm excited about trying.

There is no company website. It is listed as, which is a link farm; What Google says


4 out of 5 salamanders