Johnny Rockets

50s-themed "fun" burger joint--no to be confused with Jack Rabbit Slim's. We went to the Dolphin Mall location.

What we had:

I had a burger with cheese, thick-cue bacon, BBQ sauce and an onion ring. My DH had a bacon cheese burger. We split an order of fries. The burger was 1 step up from Wendy's. Maybe not even 1 step up, since Wendy's is pretty good. The bacon was nice, though. The fries were quite tasty, too.


We ate outside, and the outside food court is nice.


He tried. He really did. I think it was our server's first day, and he was nervous and socially awkward. It made me nostalgic.

Overall impressions:

I'd rather go to Steak & Shake or Wendy's. Maybe their milkshakes are good.

Company website; What Google says


2 out of 5 salamanders