Archie's Gourmet Pizza


I was excited. Finally, I'd get the king of pizza I'd like. You see, I like "fancy pizza." Fancy pizza, and the deep dish-y goodness of my childhood. I never get "my" pizza, though, unless I'm in a group. I love pesto pizza, white pizza, alfredo pizza, impossibly deep-dish Chicago style pizza. Warm, doughy goodness. But, alas, my DH is a pizza freak. He loves pizza--we are, in fact, the only couple I know who have had a vehement (for us, at least) discussion on the merits of different crust styles. No one I know takes the thin crust vs. thick war so much to heart. And to him, the only pizza that counts as pizza is pepperoni thin crust. NY style is the only way to go. The best I can hope for is eggplant on my half, maybe some feta. So, needless to say, I was excited by the menu. Not a pepperoni or build-your-own pizza in sight. I had visions of "converting" my DH with amazing taste... maybe not forever, but just for one night.

What we had:

Brie and prosciutto pizza. I left sad. It was horrible. Not just bad, really bad. Large slabs of prosciutto are not good on pizza. Not good ever. Cut it up! A honkin mouthful of stringy saltiness=not good. That, and I got a mouthful of fat, which just freaks me out. Brie isn't so good on pizza, either. At least not mixed with mozzarella. The mozzarella was good quality. The crust was really tasty, too. We think the sauce was good, but the cloying earthiness taste of dirt & fungus was just too much. Maybe with some good-quality balsamic reduction it would have been better. I love brie. I love prosciutto, too. But not this way.


We sat outside.


Typical for a pizza joint.

Overall impressions:

It made me sad. I'm pretty sure we won't be going back any time soon. I really, really wanted this place to be better. Where are Lilly's or Vinnie's when I need them?

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2 out of 5 salamanders