Try My Thai with Sushi


Thai/sushi joint in the trying-to-be-renovated downtown Hollywood "hip" section.

What we had:

I had a gator dish; my DH had Pad Thai. The gator (the less spicy one on the menu) was great in the first bite... fried really well, the vegetables were spot-on, but got really salty toward the end. I'm hoping this was just an off night, because the basic flavors were really good. It just got way too salty, and I couldn't finish. The Pad Thai was the same way. The Thai iced tea, however, was great.


It's in an old building, so beware of a slight mildew smell. The decor is dark, and done tastefully.


Not bad.

Overall impressions:

I'd like to go back. Next time I will definitely up the spice quotient.

No company website; what Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders (with reservations)