Siam River Thai and Sushi Bar


Thai/sushi/Japanese joint on 163rd near the Intracoastal 8 theater.

What we had:

We did an appetizer night:

Mee Krob--(Thai) The lightest of crispy noodles toasted in a delicate honey sauce with shrimp, chicken and crab. This was a fantabulous appetizer; sweet, crunchy, savory... it was everything we wanted, and my favorite.

Interesting pork thing whose name I can't remember--(Thai) A bizarre (but good) ground pork/ginger/lemongrass/peanut/onion/acerbic lime + sauce mixture on a bed of iceburg with tomato and cucumber garnish. It was odd, odd but good. The peanuts (or Mee Krob) were essential to balancing the acidic pork.

Sakesu--(Japanese) Salmon, crab, cream cheese & scallion sushi roll wrapped in paper-thin cucumber with vinegar sauce. My DH was not a fan. While I enjoyed the roll, the vinegar overpowered the other tastes. I enjoyed the cucumber substitution.

Hamachi--(Japanese) Grilled fish collar with ponzu sauce. I'm not quite sure what fish this was from; some sort of flaky white fish, but it really doesn't matter. This dish was fabulous. The grilled outside leant just the right amount of smoky crispiness, giving a nice counterpoint to the buttery richness of the meat. And ponzu is awesome. This one was arguably our second-favorite, though a strong contender for first.


We ate outside; the inside was tastefully done.


Not great at all--we waited 10 mins to be greeted. But, at least our server was apologetic.

Overall impressions:

We're totally going back. There are 2 separate menus (Thai and Japanese) and enough that excited me on both to say I need to go back at least 3 more times to fully experience the restaurant.

Company website; what Google says


4 out of 5 salamanders