Ver-Daddy's Taco Shop


Hipster taco shop.

What we had:

A chicken soft taco, pork in chile verde soft taco and chicken crispy rolled taco. The chicken was deliciously spicy; just hot enough to sting the lips. The pork was spiced well and cooked to perfection. The tacos tasted fresh and light; the perfect balance between fast food and sit-down restaurant.


We ate outside. We went during the MiMo festival, so there was tons going on outside.


We went during the MiMo festival--the owner or manager was walking around, passing out free rolled tacos while you waited for your order. He seemed genuinely excited about the product he was offering, and he had every right to--this place is fabulous.

Overall impressions:

Moe who? My only complaint is that this place is too far to walk to.

Company website; what Google says


4 out of 5 salamanders


darkfoxx said...

UPDATE: It's not solely that I've been a slack-ass as of late, but that we've been back here every weekend since MiMo. This place is just freakin great. The Macho Taco is daunting (huge!), but the steak in it is amazing, the fish tacos are good (merely good), the rolled tacos are great, and the standby pork soft tacos are still our favorite. And, the Mr. Pibb tastes different every time we go... something in the mix is off every time; never tastes like the Mr. Pibb out of a bottle, but is always miles better than the regular stuff. Yesterday was a heavy cherry mix; last Sunday, it was hints of root beer...