Bu's Beachfront Grill


Typical beachside dive bar & grill with no "theme".

What we had:

Grouper fingers and a french dip. The grouper fingers were straight off the Sysco truck. Not good at all, and there was a whole basketful of them. I think my DH's sandwich was decent. I didn't taste it. His fries were edible.


We ate outside. It's right on the boardwalk, so it's a good place to people-watch and stare at the surf (if you can see around the tacky beer flags).


Terrible. The large-chested girl that waited on us in beachwear was pretty much absent the whole time, and the owners periodically came out to gripe at each other about drama between them and the either the restaurant on the other side of the building, or the bar up the street.

Overall impressions:

A total waste of a meal. I would rather eat at McDonald's. There are way too many good-smelling, interesting places to eat further down the boardwalk (we parked at the Oceanside Mall and this was the first place we saw that looked easy and simple). At least it wasn't Jimmy Buffett-themed. There is that.

Company website; what Google says


2 out of 5 salamanders