New York Roma Pizza & Mario the Baker Pizza

These 2 aren't even worth real posts. Meh and meh. Not great at all. Edible, but barely. We got delivery thin crust from both. Half pepperoni/half eggplant from New York and half pepperoni/half mushroom from Mario.

I will say that I was impressed by the amount of toppings on the pizza from Mario.

The sauce on both pizzas was pretty tasteless, the cheese almost non-existent. Neither was burnt, so that's a plus. Neither had any taste, either.

Needless to say, we will not be ordering from either again.

New York Google listing (we ordered from the Collins Ave./Sunny Isles location which is not listed): Mario Google listing, website.

1.5 salamanders for each. Edible, but not an experience I would repeat. I'd rather have Pappa John's.