Excited pizza in North Miami Beach located in the 55th street station (a few hipster-style restaurants and a boutique in the middle of Miami's version of urban sprawl)

What we had:

A pie with meatballs all over; half egglplant, half pepperoni. The crust was perfectly done (New York style thin and crispy), the cheese was abundant and fresh and the toppings were really good. I think a human actually made the meatballs. The eggplant wasn't fried, either. The topping selection is also impressive, and fresh. The sauce was nice and light, too, with a bright flavor. The menu is pretty extensive, with a large selection of decently-priced specialty pizzas, salads, paninis, philly steak & cheese sandwiches and beer.


We saw this place while driving to the beach last weekend, and I fell in love with the architecture. It's grey, arch-y and has neat chairs out front. Sometimes picking a place to eat because it's pretty is a good plan. Luckily, this was one of those times.



Overall impressions:

So far, it's our favorite pizza in town.

Company website; what Google says


4 out of 5 salamanders