Miss Yip Chinese Cafe

At last, the very next day, my faith in humanity was restored. I might like to run away with Miss Yip and her tasty tasty dim sums.

What we had:

We had to order more, it was so good. We started off with the vegetable wontons and the Mama Yip platter (both dim sum). The vegetable wontons (fried) were so good, we almost cried. The Mama Yip had a little of everything--pork dumplings so good you wanted to swim in them, the best shrimp dumplings I've ever had (I think better than in San Francisco's China Town even), mushroom dumplings (I loved them) and vegetable dumplings (those kicked ass, too)--all steamed. We then had to order the pan-fried pork dumplings, which were also amazing.


Nice old downtown-style building meets classy Chinese meets pinups. Fantabulous.


Good service.

Overall impressions:

I want to run away with Miss Yip. Or move in. Whichever. I'm considering moving near the convention center, just so I can order delivery.

Company website; what Google says


4 out of 5 salamanders


darkfoxx said...

UPDATE: Since the post, we have gone back for the black bean chicken and steamed chicken dumplings. The black bean chicken was pretty great--a touch salty, but really good nonetheless. The steamed chicken dumplings were just so-so.