Por Fin


I heard about this place on miami.com, and had to try it. Part 1 of 2 of an 'appetizers in the gables' day. The goal was to meander the Mile, shop, nibble. I was not impressed by the Miracle Mile in general--I'm guessing the 'miracle' is how 575 bridal spots exist cheek-by-jowl in a one-mile strip. It was a nice day to walk around, though.

What we had:

Appetizers only.

Tuna Tartare: Ahi tuna, avocado, mango, caviar, yogurt and soy sesame vinaigrette.
This was everything you could want from a tuna tartare--well-balanced tastes/textures from the velvety avocado to the succulent mango and melt-in-your-mouth tuna. A garnish of I'm guessing radish or alfalfa sprouts lent a great little backbone to the dish. While the essence of caviar didn't come across as caviar, (we forgot it was in there until I read it on the menu just now) the dish came across as perfectly balanced while eating it. And it was pretty, to boot.

Eggs at Por Fin: Fried eggs served with potato creme, potato crisps, serrano ham and truffle oil.
This was one of those 'holy crap' dance in your seat dishes. The tuna was fantabulous, but this was freakin awesome. The eggs were perfect, pillowy, and full of eggy goodness; the potato creme was creamy, balanced velvet caressing your palate; the crisps lent body and crunch; the ham, soft saltiness. My mouth is watering writing about it, it was so good. I don't remember tasting truffle, but i don't care. it was that good.

And, we got great crusty bread with kick-ass tomato accompaniments (a grilled? tomato relaish and fresh, bright tomato relish).


Understated elegance--bright white tables, espresso wood trim, neat b&w photography.



Overall impressions:

Must. go. back. I fell the need for a big-ass dinner cooked by this chef.

Company website; Google says nothing.


5 out of 5 salamanders