Original Pancake House


South Florida-based pancake house in the "international" style. But actually international.

What we had:

I had the potato pancakes and 2 eggs on the side.

The potato pancakes were great--a good balance of potato fluffiness and crispiness. served with sour cream & applesauce. The eggs were pretty good. They came unseasoned--I ordered over medium--1 came over medium, 1 came over hard--connected, no less. Interesting.

My DH had the sausage in a pancake blanket.

The pancakes were really good--real butter milk, fluffy, light. The sausage was top-notch, too.


Nothing special



Overall impressions:

This place was a pleasant surprise. The menu is impressive--and full of ads. I have a need to go back and order something called a "dutch baby." it looks like a big bread bowl with some sort of whipped cream in the center. I must have it. In fact, I have my next 4 meals planned out.

Company website; what Google says


3 out of 5 salamanders