Grill Time


Kosher steak house on Biscayne in Aventura.

What we had:

Let's start with the bread. Our meal came with fresh pitas and too many sides to remember for the starter. Not even a starter, just with the bread. Baba Ganoush (spelled wrong, but the best i've ever had), egg salad, potato salad, chickpeas, corn relish, sliced carrots, a roasted tomato salsa thing, beets that weren't bad (I generally hate beets with a passion), and possibly more. I forget. This was amazing. I could have eaten just this and been full.

I had the Gaza Strip Steak: "A delicately prepared masterpiece, marinated in rich juices, and sizzled to a thick tenderness. Our strip steak personifies the words "Great Steak." It is served with a side of chimichurry."
Holy crap. The steak was perfectly done (rare), nearly fork tender, and one of the most flavorful sliced steaks I've ever eaten. The chimichurry was good, too.

My DH had the Beef Short Ribs: "These tender large ribs are marinated, then grilled slowly till sweet & succulent, served on our beer-battered onion bread."
This was amazing, too. The beef was falling apart tender and the collagen had fully released, giving yummy rich goodness to the dish. The ribs had a sweet glaze that set the comforting goodness off perfectly. Our only gripe was that we couldn't get the marrow out of the bones--the glaze had sealed the ends rock-hard.

The sides weren't anything to write home about (except for the rice, but we're suckers for well-seasoned white rice), but who's counting?


Low light like a steakhouse should have, dark wood, gold walls. Pretty minimalist.



Overall impressions:

Jews rock. This is not your dad's steak house, and we are sorry we've waited so long to try this place. We left ridiculously full. We need an excuse to go back. This place is freakin great. We learned something new, too--Israel has a good selections of wines. Had no idea.

Company website; what Google says


4.5 out of 5 salamanders