Pei Wei

Fast casual Asian bistro by P.F. Changs.

What we had:

I had the Japanese Chile Ramen with shrimp. This was a pretty decent dish--sweet, spicy, and mostly well-balanced. The sauce was good overall, but got a bit oppressive toward the end.

My DH had the Pei Wei Spicy dish with chicken and brown rice. Also a perfectly good dish with the addition of vinegar.

On a subsequent visit we had the Thai basil chicken (a little far on the sweet side for my liking), Kung Pao chicken (a great balanced dish), and the crab rangoons (also great).

My main gripe with The dishes so far is the lack of vegetables--I like a good 2 to 1 vegetable to meat ratio, these dishes have so far been barely 1:1 and the leaning toward sweet. Next tome I think I'll look for a non-sauces dish.

The iced tea options are exciting: both chai black and mandarin orange green tea. Both were pretty good.


Modern Asian bistro style with opulent reds and clean black woods.


Order at the front with table runners.

Overall impressions:

Not a bad place and for the price ($22.03 for the two of us), I really can't complain. I like the open kitchen and galley-style wait staff runner area. During our second visit, the crisp dark jeaned floor manager was impressively attentive and engaged with his staff and customers alike.


3.25 out of 5 salamanders

**upon further review and subsequent visits, I revised the rating down to a 2.75. Why? Everything else I have had at Pei Wei is sickly sweet and covered in goop, even the salad. The crab rangoons however, are excellent.

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