Pelican Landing At Pier 66


Open patio dining spot upstairs at the Pier 66 Marina behind the Hyatt in Fort Lauderdale. I visited on a Saturday afternoon with a couple of girlfriends for a leisurely tipsy lunch.

What we had:

Mahi Burrito--flavorful and juicy, with a really nice mango sauce.

Mediterreanean Appetizer--great hummus, though it came with tortillas instead of the menu-listed pita chips.

Conch Fritters--managed to be light, even though they were larger than golf ball-sized.

Skirt Steak--cooked properly and well seasoned.

Chicken Gyro--this dish I don't remember tasting, but it looked perfectly fine and I didn't hear any complaints.

Sweet Potato Fries--always delicious and a generous helping.

Chocolate Mousse Cup--beautiful to look at and just as tasty rich, velvety chocolate mousse in a lightly-fruited chocolate tulip cup.

Liquor Drinks--I don't remember what all we had, and I think I mainly stuck to some sort of pink lemonade. Drinks are great and priced around $10, so keep that in mind if leisurely lunching with the ladies. We ended up racking up quite the drinks bill.


We ate outside, with a view of the marina, sun and wind, and it was pleasant.


We lunched through a shift change, and both servers we had were very attentive and personable. They adjusted our table umbrella so we weren't baking in the sun, ran to get one of our party cigarettes, and were all around attentive guys.

Overall impressions:

Maybe it was the booze, but we had a great time and I would recommend. The locale was beautiful, as was the day, and the company couldn't be beat. A word of caution: this place is kind of hard to find. Enter the Hyatt property and look closely for the signs--the restaurant is to the far left, behind the main building, down the pier, turn right, at the end of the next pier and up a steep flight of stairs on the side of the building.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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