Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar


Rollicking 'you're going to have fun and you're going to like it' American-style Mexican restaurant with 50 bigillion varieties of tequila.

What we had:

Great spiced table chips.

My DH had a combo platter with a Pork taco, a steak taco, refried beans & rice. Great tender pork with a hint of cinnamon. Decent steak. Really good rice & fresh refried beans.

I had the Baja Combo with a grilled mahi taco, rock shrimp taco & spinach quesadilla. The fish was a bit dry, but overall the tastes were good. The qeusadilla was only lightly cheesed and was surprisingly tasty.

The food tasted like it had been prepared by someone who had visited Mexico, had a great time, and decided to recreate the dishes back home.


Really cool best of contemporary Mexican style decor with lots of hammered silver, iron, weathered wood and stone.

I loved the iron Moravian star chandeliers and Dio de las Muertes skeletons.

Rocco's bar also opens to the street, which could be interesting for a leisurely drink.


The food took awhile, and our server was all about offering a round of comped drinks. I got the white Zinfandel, which was better than the reisling I had just choked down; my DH got another Stella.

Although the place was a madhouse, our server and server-in-training were both attentive and friendly.

Overall impressions:

It was pan-de-frickin-moneum on the Saturday afternoon we went. Granted, Spring Break was on, it was raining, and the Las Olas Art Festival was blocks away. It took us 45 minutes to be seated at a high top table right next to the bar and I wanted a muzzle for the gaggle of tequila swilling half clothed desparately single girls near us at the bar.

The thumping music was also fairly oppressive, but not so bad once the drunken shrieking harpies were seated far, far away from us.

All in all, it wasn't a bad place. The food was decent, the service was good, and I'd go back for lunch or dinner; hopefully when less crowded.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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