Chow Down Grill

Unpretentious Chinese food done right in Surfside.

What we had:

Home made sauces. (sriracha-fabulous, duck- lightly apricot and well-balanced, Chinese mustard- the perfect nose cleaner, hoisin- surprisingly wonderful, peanut- very peanut & soy- I didn't even know this was possible, and now I crave it). These were fabulous and I'm dying to go back for more excuses to eat and experiment with the bevy of sauces.

I had the Udon noodle soup with wild mushrooms--A beautiful bowl of thick fresh noodles, dashi broth that felt like a Mother's hug, a silky poached egg and rich, luxurious mushrooms. This was the perfect bowl of noodles, with a great flavor balance made all the better by homemade soy and sriracha sauces.

My DH had the Pho with beef--this was a nice bowl, but the broth was under-seasoned. Despite the amount of soy and sriracha my DH added, it just never got exactly what he needed. The pho was good despite the under-seasoning, however, with nice beef.

We also had an order of Crab Rangoons with mascarpone & spinach - These were great, with a strong crab flavor and balance from the spinach & cheese. An enthusiastic recommendation and good way to experience the sauces.


Adorable grey walls with large-scale silver tree patterns. Modern and sleek.


Friendly and helpful.

Overall impressions:

Awesome and we're going back. This is cheffy Chinese food done right--no gloopy sauces; no mystery ingredients; no dumbed-down versions. Just fresh, clean, straightforward tastes.


4 out of 5 salamanders

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