Gourmet burger bar & gastropub

One of a slew of new ingredient-focused super burger bars that recently opened in the area. This one is in Fort Lauderdale's Riverwalk, amidst the bars and racuous 2-for-1 beer drinkers. I visited on a Saturday late afternoon with my DH and visiting stepmother. A big, juicy burger was just what we were craving to recover from an afternoon in the Everglades.

What we had:

I had the Australian Burger--Grilled pineapple, roasted beets, arugula and a perfectly fried egg on a brioche bun. My burger was juicy, cooked right, and the topping to meat ratio was perfect (if cumbersomely large). A great burger. After my huge burger, I also had room to wedge a single hand cut sweet potato fry into my gullet. It was nice, but underseasoned. Large, thick-cut sweet potato fries really need the added punch a spice shake (like chili powder) brings. Simple salt, and scant salt at that, just doesn't bring it.

My DH had the Morning Glory--bacon, American cheese & a fried egg on a sesame seed bun.

My stepmother had the Rok:Brgr-- Vermont cheddar, hickory smoked bacon and bourbon BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun.

All beef burgers are 10oz. fresh hand-formed patties made from certified Black Angus beef from Nebraska.

Everyone enjoyed their burgers immensely.


The menu says they were going for a prohibition-era speakeasy feel with dark colors & authentic Chicago brick. I kinda saw the theme carried out--lots of black wood, black leatherette, and vaguely underground/mine-ish light pendants--but the rest of my group didn't get that feel at all.


On the overbearing and overfriendly side. Our waiter attempted to hijack our meal and turn it into his own little entertainment show. To say the least, we were not amused.

Overall impressions:

The burgers aren't bad, just don't go when they're not busy expecting a relaxing meal.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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