Sushi Sake

Open late sushi joint/after party spot on Biscayne in North Miami Beach. The food was pretty good & the menu selection is wide enough to please a crowd into the wee hours.

What we had:

Hollywood roll--spicy tuna with tempura flakes for crunch. This was my DH's favorite of the bunch, as it had just a nice hint of spice and no sweetness.

Marlins roll -seared scallops, asparagus and crab salad topped with avocado, scallops, eel sauce and crunch. This was my favorite of the bunch, though I completely forgot asparagus was supposed to be in the roll until the last piece. This roll skewed sweet with the addition of the eel sauce, which I could have lived without. The crab salad was nice, though, and scallops are something a bit different at least.

California roll--your standard Cali roll. Not bad, not exciting. A safe choice.

Pink panther roll--this was a chef special featuring pink soy paper wrapping, some sort of raw salmon preparation on top and fried white fish inside. I really dug the textural and temperature contrast between the out and inside. The taste was good, but it skewed sweet like the Marlin roll, and by then both of our sweet quotients had just about been filled and we were pretty full.

The after dinner with your check sweet was a big bowl of pink cotton candy; a welcome and fun departure from a fortune cookie or mint. Ok, so we found room for more sweet--this was too fun to pass up.


One of my favorite color schemes--cute black and white jacquard padded walls with red bamboo and black granite tables.

American pop videos are played continuously on the TVs. We saw new and terrible Brittney Spears and an interesting new rap featuring Busta Rhymes. Whether this is preferable to the near-ubiquitous J pop, I'm not sure. It is definitely more recognizable, I will give it that.


Helpful and non-obtrusive.

Overall impressions:

Not a bad little sushi joint. The ingredient quality and roll inventiveness are pretty good, and the menu is varied enough to please even non sushi eaters. I could see happily coming here again for the sushi, a bowl of noodles, or to try the Hibachi. And, since Sushi Sake is open really late, this would also make a great fuel up before or after hitting the town spot.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders

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