Blue Martini


Martini bar & grill at the Galleria Mall.

What we had:

I had the lobster tacos--grilled Maine lobster with an avocado-mango slaw and mango habanero sauce in a flour tortilla. The lobster was cooked perfectly; the mango brought out the natural sweetness of the lobster and complemented the silkiness of the avocado perfectly. The portion size was just right--2 tacos, and I appreciated that the chef didn't then drown the dish in chips. I think there were 3 as a garnish. The fresh salsa and sour cream sauce were quite good as well. I also had a Key lime pie martini--Van Gogh Blue Vodka, KeKe Beach Key Lime Liqueur and cream, served with a Graham Cracker rim. Martini's are a tricky thing for me. I don't particularly like the taste of alcohol, and to me, this tasted stronger than what I would normally enjoy. The Key lime also wasn't as in-your-face as I like. But, I must say, the martinis--really a martini & 1/2, since they give you the shaker sidecar--will kick your ass. My DH and I had to walk it off and attempt to not drunk-shop.

My DH had the Prime beef tenderloin sandwich on rosemary olive oil Focaccia with fresh horseradish sauce, sprinkle of parmesan and smear of red pepper sauce. This was a great dish as well. The beef was cooked perfectly and the sauces were spot-on. I don't remember what martini he had--I think it was the classic shaken with Grey Goose--but I do remember that he really liked it.


We ate outside.


Not bad.

Overall impressions:

We would definitely go back, even though drunk shopping is very, very dangerous. We lucked up, too--we hit happy hour, and everything was half off, so our bill was really reasonable--$9/sandwich, $7/martini.

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4 out of 5 salamanders