Tapas & Tintos


Spanish tapas restaurant on Esplanade Way.

What we had:

Dedos del diablo--lightly breaded & fried jumbo shrimp stuffed with serrano ham, goat cheese, served with an with avocado/tomato salad and grilled asparagus spears. This was my favorite, though I didn't really taste the ham at all. My DH felt the goat cheese was a little overwhelming, but since I could happily swim in the stuff, I did not. DH liked it better with the avocado spread on top.

Bacalao-stuffed piquillo pepper with red pepper sauce and some form of creamy cheese. It was okay. I enjoyed the silkiness of the salt cod mixed with the creamy cheese. My DH didn't like it at all--he said it was too fishy.

Grilled pork loin with grilled red and green bell pepper garnish. My DH's favorite. I thought it was a touch dry, but tasty overall.


We ate outside in the alley, but the atmosphere was still pretty decent.


S0-so. They were on Spanish time.

Overall impressions:

It was okay. I'd possibly go back, but I'm in no hurry to do so.

What Google says; company website


3 out of 5 salamanders