Enso Restaurant


I'm not 100% sure how to classify this place. It's a restaurant with a manifesto. The manifesto is a bit muddled, but it goes something like the scientific pursuit of making food taste better. The menu consists of Sushi, yakitori-style meat and vegetable skewers, an interesting absinthe and cheese plate, studies in dessert mediums, and a ginormous wine menu.

What we had:

We split an order of 5 skewers--mushroom, shrimp, lamb, pork and tuna. The skewers were served with sticky rice and tortillas. All in all a satisfying lunch. We <3 sticky rice. The meats were cooked well (the yakitori tableside warmer things are to finish them off), and seasoned properly.


We ate outside, and the chairs were very comfortable with nice modern wood block backs. Enso also has dining couches.


S0-so. The guy was busy but he was trying.

Overall impressions:

Call me a sucker for a manifesto, but I'm intrigued by the absinthe & cheese dish and studies in dessert.

I can't find this place on Google, and that surprises me. Maybe they're just new.


3.5 out of 5 salamanders


Flavia said...

The burger and fries were McDonald's.

This is how I want to start, as everyone may not read the entire review. I never write reviews, but this place was such an incredible rip off, I must share my tale of horror with all of you.

Strike #1- I got a GC from http://restaurant.com which after seated THEY DID NOT HONOR. So why advertise, take my money for the GC and then not honor it? The waitress was quite rude about it too saying "Yeah, we don't take these anymore, if you have a problem call http://restaurant.com". No apology, no nothing. I figured we were already there, so how bad could it be? Little did we know....

Strike #2- My meal, the fish, was disgusting. It was half a filet, boiled (the waitress said it was fried) with about half a cup of rice and a ridiculous amount of lettuce used to fill the plate. I found three (THREE!) fish bones in my pathetic excuse for a fish.

Strike #3. My husband ordered the burger. When he got it it had that unmistakable smell and look. I tasted a fry. Now, as a red blooded American i know DAMN WELL what a McD's fry taste like. This was from McDonald's. We then inspected the burger. Perfectly round, not fresh, and that unmistakable sesame seed bun. A few pieces of Arugula could not deter us from the obvious- this was a dressed up Quarter Pounder. I am not alleging that they went and BOUGHT IT from McD's, but that they are serving McD's food.

All in all, the worst place I have eaten in all the beach. Ever. Cheap, dishonorable service and pathetic food. If it was the last place to ever get sustenance in the WORLD I would rather starve to death than visit this Ponzi scheme masquerading as a restaurant.
DO NOT GO. If you like McD's there is one on Lincoln.